Help! I only have two pork chops!

And really what can you do with 2 pork chops? A nice stir fry actually if you don’t mind a few veg and once you add rice or noodles to the equation, a tasty and filling meal. The chops were left over from a pack of 6, an awkward number for us as we are 3. The previous day we had eaten 4 and the remaining, lonely pair were sitting forlornly at the bottom of the fridge. I put them between 2 sheets of cling-film and gave them a good bash with my trusty rolling pin, then cut them into small strips. I marinaded them with garlic, ginger, soy sauce and honey before adding them to my pan of stir fry veg. My son asked for more, so a successful meal as far as I am concerned!

It’s not been a normal week, what with half term and BGT every night! so we’ve had a few TV dinners. My favourite being satay chicken, which I can’t take any credit for as I found the recipe online, I think it’s a Nigella gem. It is delicious and so easy, we chomped on these beauties with some plain basmati rice and a simple salad of cucumber and carrot. The great thing about this is a little chicken breast goes a long way and once you thread them onto skewers, they look amazing. Give them a go, they won’t disappoint.


On the subject of making a little go a long way, I fancied a bit of salmon but only had a pack of two in the freezer, (£2.59 for 2 fillets- Aldi) so I decided to make a kedgeree. This is fab for feeding a family. Most children will eat salmon, especially like this, flaked and therefore not so obviously fish, and combined with eggs and basmati rice, garlic and ginger and garnished with lime juice and fresh coriander, it really is a glistening, golden, delight to eat.


All these recipes are on my recipe page, have a look, better still have a go and save yourself some money!

Well that’s all folks! A Greys Anatomy fest awaits me, tune in next time for some lunchtime recipes!


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