My very first blog!

P_20140417_152536Hello friends and family! Welcome to my blog! I have to admit that this is a whole new world, until recently, the word blog,to me, meant not a lot, even though I would nod knowledgeably if it came up in conversation. Nevertheless, here I am, I shall give it a go!
The reason for my literary foray is food! I have long been a keen cook and an avid watcher of TV chefs. However, over the years I have been constantly frustrated by the sheer amount of ingredients they seem to think necessary. How many of us have a store cupboard neatly packed with four different types of vinegar or the very best extra virgin olive oil? Would any of us pour a good bottle of rioja over a casserole rather than drink it, (saving the £2.99 bottle for the pot!)? How many of us even have a store cupboard where we don’t knock over a box of Cheerios in our search for the pasta shells?!Don’t get me wrong, I would love to go to my local butcher and buy free range, corn chomping, organic chicken or succulent British lamb that has only ever eaten clover. I adore the idea of wandering around my local farmers market, buying crusty, golden sour dough loaves from artisan bakers, but the reality is that my budget doesn’t stretch to £2.50 for a loaf of bread, it does however accommodate my local ALDI!
I want to show that you can cook tasty, healthy meals for your family with ordinary ingredients and an ordinary budget, without going to the extreme of spending £20 on a piece of meat and making meals for three days from it, á la TV chef style, ( what if you don’t fancy beef on Tuesday, having eaten it on Sunday and Monday?)
So, next week I shall begin, recounting what I have cooked, with the food from my weekly ALDI shop. I hope you’ll join me!